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Counselors Corner

1. BE CONFIDENT. Successful people believe in themselves. They know their actions make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

2. BE RESPONSIBLE. Successful people choose to respond with appropriate behavior and accept the consequences of their actions. They take credit for their successes and learn from their mistakes.

3. BE HERE. Successful people go to work/school regularly. Once there, they are both physically and mentally present.

4. BE ON TIME. Successful people are prompt. They get to where they are going on time.

5. BE FRIENDLY. Successful people accept the differences of others.

6. BE POLITE. Successful people show courtesy and treat others with respect.

7. BE PREPARED. Successful people have their materials when needed. They keep their tools and supplies in good condition. Successful people plan ahead.

8. BE A LISTENER. Successful people listen to instructions and follow direction. Because they listen to what others need, they can cooperate to achieve success.

9. BE A DOER. Successful people do their work to the best of their ability. They know the more they do, their more capable they will become.

10. BE A TOUGH WORKER. Successful people keep on trying. They keep working toward their goals even when things get difficult.

11. BE A RISK TAKER. Successful people have courage and are willing to run the risk of failure. They know eventually they will reach their goals if they keep trying.

12. BE A GOAL SETTER. Successful people plan for the future. They use goals as a personnel road map to guide them where they want to go.

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